African-Americans Look To Life Insurance For Wealth Transfer

African-Americans are increasingly viewing life insurance as a means of wealth transfer, a new study finds. African-Americans view life insurance as more than a means to pay for final expenses. They are increasingly looking to life insurance as a way to transfer wealth and leave a legacy. Those were among the findings of New York […]

Regulations, Cybersecurity Are Biggest Risks For Financial Services: Survey

With market pressures forcing financial services to “do more with less,” many companies are beginning efforts to re-engineer their risk management programs, according to a new survey by Deloitte. Seventy percent of the financial services executives surveyed said their institutions have either recently completed an update of their risk management program or have one in […]

3 Life Settlement Trends To Watch In 2019

InsuranceNewsNet Life settlements are expected to continue to grow in 2019. By Darwin Bayston Insurance professionals have monitored the life settlements industry with a watchful eye in the aftermath of the significant market contraction a decade ago. But after working through some challenges related to regulation, capital flow and underwriting, the life settlements industry is […]

Ohio National: We Can Legally Terminate Selling Agreements

Ohio National faces several lawsuits over its decision to end trail commissions. Ohio National is asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging its controversial decision to terminate trail commissions on variable annuities. The insurer bases its defense on the word “and.” In its request for summary judgement in the lawsuit filed by Veritas […]

Customers Are Taking Control Of Financial Services

InsuranceNewsNet Like a traffic cop, customers are quickly taking charge of complex retirement financial decisions, one analyst says. By Troy Korsgaden Gone are the days of carriers leading the entire purchasing cycle of insurance products and financial services. In today’s environment, it’s the customer who is in control. To remain competitive, advisors must become the […]

What If The Market Goes Up? Why An FIA Is Better Than Stocks

InsuranceNewsNet If the stock market goes up, where does that leave your fixed annuities in comparison? By Sean A. Ruggiero What if the market rebounds in 2019? Let’s say that the S&P 500 rebounds and gains 10 percent back in 2019. Would that make stocks a better retirement income vehicle than a fixed indexed annuity […]

Why Life Settlements Will Continue To See Growth

InsuranceNewsNet Life settlements will continue to grow, one expert says. By Clay Gibson Conning publishes a comprehensive annual research report on the state of the life settlement market, featuring a thorough examinations of trends, statistics and market drivers within the industry. Conning’s projection that the face value of the U.S. life settlement volume will increase […]

Commentary: Meet Clients’ Needs By Finding Your ‘Why’

InsuranceNewsNet By John Simone I spend a lot of my time sitting in airplanes traveling between client meetings. The good thing about this is it gives me a lot of time to catch up on my reading and think about my clients. One of my favorite authors is Simon Sinek. In his book, Start with […]

Why A Down Market Is The Perfect Time To Recommend An FIA

InsuranceNewsNet A down market is the time to be looking to FIAs, one analyst says. By Sean A. Ruggiero In 2018, the stock market suffered the worst December since the Great Depression. We see the headlines on the internet, we hear about it on the news, even our President is talking about it. So what […]

What I Learned From The Most Successful Advisors

InsuranceNewsNet By Dan Pierson In my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most successful insurance advisors in the country, helping them to find a place for large, hard-to-place cases, resulting in millions of dollars in commissions. I have served on multiple insurance carrier advisory boards and participated in a global […]